Build it right the first time

According to Fortune, the top reason new startups fail is because they make a product no one wants.
From our console to yours, we bring years of experience designing, developing and shipping new products to help you build your idea right the first time.


More than colors, we create a solid UX/UI
foundation for your solution to scale, properly.


Full-stack developers bring speed
and effeciency to the structure and engine


Big Data, AI, Machine-Learning are tools
we use to help you gain new insights.

Past Products


Praxi is an intelligent reminder tool that uses artificial intelligence to send friendly, scheduled alerts to patients according to their personal care plan and prep schedule.


Phocale curates, manages and serves personalized images to users based on their current location throughout their digital experience of your product, without image libraries.


CrypTck tracks cryptocurrency exchange prices, in real-time. Set the price markers you care about and we'll text you the moment your currency hits your customized notification points.


A new market for the Shepp It founders, Dune Dog is marketplace to sell goods from local artisans that focuses on recycling and upcycling products to create fresh designs.


Launching in August 2019, auditionai uses artificial intelligence to help Casting Director's view new insights about their actor's digital auditions and streamline the auditioning process.


In development for 2019, the Shepp It team will be focusing on the field of mental health, with a goal of improving access to professional care givers, through technology.

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