Our Process

There is a method to our madness and that method is rooted in lean, agile, development cycles where we are continuously adapting to new information to keep your product and team growing in the right direction. We consult on one, some or all of the following stages in the product development lifecycle:

Design It

“Sprint” towards a lean, focused solution to validate your product idea, complete with wireframes, core MVP features and an early stage roadmap.

Build It

Rapidly develop and design details of our lean solution in the code environment and design framework that best suits your product. We test/QA throughout and run weekly sprints.

Test It

When there's time, we love to get some quick feedback on our early stage ideas through prototypes, task analysis or on-site interviews with users/customers.

Ship It

We push our hardwork to ‘production’ and give your new, live product one final cleaning and then we go-live.

Support It

We support the product and you to help fix bugs that arise and train your users and customers on the product.

Refine It

We work as part of your growing team to stand-up a dev process, train new hires and continue iterating with live feedback of your product.

Spotlight market: Healthcare

Healthcare is a tricky market, with lots of buyer, user and patient personas to consider on top of heavy regulation and unique workflows. Becoming an influencer in healthcare takes patience and real-world experience in hospital and clinical facilities.

The halls of hospitals and surgery centers are where we've learned some of our most valuable lessons when building products; like the importance of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your customers, and that there's more to healthcare than insurance and EMRs. Whether you need help with HIPAA compliance, an IRB review or are just getting started - we can help you navigate the healthcare landscape with confidence and care.

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