Meet The Founders

Joell Shepperson Photograph

Hi, I'm Joell.

With over a decade of designing and launching new products in tough markets under my belt, I use my background in Product Management, UX Design/Architecture and Product Design to help you pick the right features and build them in the right way. In my spare time, I volunteer with local municipalities to try and bring tech to smaller communities and towns across the US.

Nick Stocchero PHotograph

Hi, I'm Nick.

I bring (almost) a decade of expertise in Full Stack Development, DevOps and EMR Integration experience to the table to crush code and help you set up the right stack for your product. In my spare time, I run the IT/Networking branch of SKILLSUSA, an organization dedicated to helping high schoolers find alternate career paths in Technology Trade Programs.


Sometimes, projects call for a specialized skillset and when that's the case, we lean on our network of experts in the following fields:

UX/UI Designers

We bring the latest and greatest User Interface (UI) components to your solutions platform with expertise in mobile-first experiences.

Full Stack Developers

Our bread and butter: we help you build native
(iOS and Android) or progressive web
apps with the latest technology.

Data Scientists

AI, Data Visualizations and
Modeling will help you get the most out of your data.

Service Level Designers

A new and ground-breaking field, our Service Level Designers ensure every touchpoint from your customers sends a positive message.

Hospital Experts

Healthcare is a close-knit community, and our network boasts a wide variety of licensed, currently practicing care givers and administrators that can help give us gut check new healthcare ideas

Product Marketers

Once we've validated your product, the next step is to get your brand to stand out and go viral. Our expert sales and marketing friends can help you there.

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